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Le Garage is a Parisian-style full-service hair salon now located in Sydney's Darlinghurst.

Director and owner Samir Samaali has 21 years’ experience in some of the world’s best salons (including 3D Salon in Paris and Wildlife in Sydney), and 15 years’ editorial experience for fashion magazines in Paris, New York and Sydney.

Samir’s first love is hair design, so much so that he pioneered a cutting technique he calls “Hair Sculpture”. Using hair and scalps as his artistic materials, he transforms ordinary buzz cuts into canvases covered in designs, much like tattoos or prints. Inspiration for his designs comes from tribal art, Arabic calligraphy, exotic plants, Japanese fades, flowers, spider webs and even fish scales! Samir is also a maestro of the classics, with 20’s style structured bobs, and mens cuts from the 40’s featuring heavily in his work. From classics cuts to dreadlocks, his versatility knows no end.

Samir’s new vision for Le Garage is a salon with a creative soul – a space for music, art and creative minds to converge and collaborate. As a DJ represented by the and involved with the Mama Feel Good Funk Collective, Samir is dedicating his space to music, art and fashion lovers.

Le Garage crosses over as a record store, stocking Afro records from the late ’60s until now... across the genre’s of soul, jazz, Brazillian funk, afro beats and hip hop. Le Garage is a salon as well as an accessories retailer and art gallery (and occasionally a music lounge too). With M2 Art Gallery next door and Sydney Street Art Project nearby, Le Garage takes its place among a growing enclave of emerging artistic destinations, and will host underground fashion labels such as Lady J and Billy and Kid. Le Garage embodies the beauty and diversity of Sydney’s rapidly expanding sub-cultures and embraces them with open arms.

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