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Womens Cut & Style

Le Garage brings over 20 years of experience from some of the world’s best salons and Parisian and New York fashion magazines to Sydney.

We're open Wednesday - Friday

Cut and Style at Le Garage

We bring styling to every combination of hair and face types. Whether creating tousled waves, elegant up styles, colours and designer cuts Le Garage can achieve the look you desire.

Our services

  • Women’s Hair Cut  $105

  • Cut & Blow Dry  $125

  • Fringe  $15

  • Girls haircut $50

We have a full range of services including ColourMakeupPermanent Wave, Curl & Straightening, and Blow Dry.


Samir is the proud owner of LeGarage and has 21 years’ experience in some of the world’s best salons including 3D Salon in Paris and Wildlife in Sydney. He also has 15 years’ styling experience for fashion magazines in Paris, New York and Sydney.



We are located at 132 Crown Street, Darlinghurst (inside Gallo Hair). You can confirm a booking online, click the button below.

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